Burglar alarm,home alarm,Wireless GSM Smart Home Alarm System

Burglar alarm,home alarm,Wireless GSM Smart Home Alarm System

China Burglar alarm system/home alarmsystem/security Wireless GSM Smart Home Alarm System, Wireless alarm host , GSM Wireless alarm control system

Specification of main unit???
Output power: DC12V
Input power: AC110V to 240V,50Hz or 60 Hz
Working hours of standby Battery(DC8.4V):
More than 15 hours
Wireless frequency for above


Description and Main functions???

Standard Configuration(1):

Apply to common family, villa and network alarm of village;

Suitable for South Area, the temperature is not lower than minus 30 degree.


??? Can send SMS to switch the language Chinese /English /Russian /Spanish/German.

??? Each zone has independent arm/disarm functions.

??? 2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones.

??? With voice reminder when users operate the system.

??? Support two-way video communications

??? Can work with wired & wireless sensor.

??? Each wireless zone can use countless wireless sensors.

??? Users can pre-record a voice message in the system and playback when system is alarmed.

??? Send SMS text to 3 mobile phones and auto-dial 3 phones to inform the user.

??? Users can use any phone to listen what is happening

??? Program and control the system by keyboard, remotes, SMS or phone.

??? Send SMS and Voice to inform users which zone is alarming when the system is triggered.

??? Use SMS to change the zone name & content.

??? Use SMS to inquiry the system status wherever.

??? With password protection, System will inform users when incorrect password is tried 3 times 

??? Wireless Emergency function (24 hours zone).

??? With Backup rechargeable battery, system can work even if there is a power is failure. 

??? Send SMS to inform you when there is a power failure or returns to normal.

???Can set the installation address by SMS.

???Can send alarm signals to monitoring center through GSM network,


Product Origin: china AMIDA
Model Number: AMD-GSM-HA11
Brand Name: AMIDA

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