Honeywell Wired burglar alarm host 238PLUS

Honeywell Wired burglar alarm host 238PLUS


Honeywell Wired burglar alarm host/control panel 238PLUS
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Support 4 alarm receiver Real time clock
Phone line detection
Key Chief garrison
Auto restore factory settings
Communication failures redial time and maximum number of redial attempts, programmable
External relay driver
Support 15 user password
AC power failure detection time programmable (5, 10, 15 minutes)
Zone features:
Eight basic defense area, possess Terminal resistance monitoring capabilities and improve system capacity to prevent damage The keyboard comes with emergency button soft defense and anti hijacking operation, provide more security The type of stand-loop circuit programmable select, adapt to different sector requirements and sensor performance Choice reaction time programmable, and different detector performance better match, avoid interference with the false positives
Control characteristics:
Support 1 system master password and 14 user password
Anti-removal protection
You can use LED or ALPHA (LCD) keyboard to control the system, can also be accessed via the remote control-alarm Center
You can switch on the system is disarmed, the old cloth kids
10 kinds of event-driven external relay outputs, programmable setting of driver, application flexibility
Powerful and flexible networking capabilities that simultaneously supports four alarm Center
Dual, category, or an optional backup reporting
Built-in watchdog reset circuit, the initial value of the function to ensure response system stability
Built-in telephone line detection, AC power, back-up battery, the system working status post features, reporting cycle (optional) Phone line detection and AC power failure detection time adjustable
With Bell, disarmed, keyboard and display real-time clock
The system can access 8 keyboard LCD keyboard, which does not exceed 4
The output function:
Keyboard with built-in buzzer, as failure, warning event tips
LED keyboard state defense system and LED lamp condition prompts, ALPHA characters keyboard with LCD display 2-channel external trigger output, relay driver
Built-in Dialer, reporting directly to the alarm Center, redial time receiver and round programmable

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number:  alarm host 238PLUS

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